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Herbal Course




“Bridging the Gap between Nutrition and Herbs”

by New Roots Herbal and Bridging the Gap

6 days course - next course 12th September - 17th October 2024

Join us on a 6-week course (live Zoom sessions) to remove the overwhelm and mystery of herbal remedies and understand how and when to use market formulas in a safe and effective way and Bridge the Gap between Nutrition and Herbs to address the client’s root cause.
Learn how to use tinctures, capsules, powders, teas, glycerites and nutraceuticals within the remit of Nutritional therapy and understand when to use one market formula over another.

After you have completed the course you will...
» Understand your client’s body ‘whispers’
» Interpret symptoms to know which systems to stimulate or sedate
» Know how to formulate the correct protocol for your client
» Choose appropriate therapeutic dosages
» Create a system of healing that ensures your client’s success
» Have client’s rave about your service to others

Strategic Learning
» Analyse. Analyse 80 herbs (Indications for use and contraindications).
» Dose. Understand herbal tincture strengths e.g 1:1, 1:4 of well known brands such as A.Vogel.
» Choose. Choose the form of herb to use - active compounds and guaranteed therapeutic benefits, glycerites, tinctures, capsules or powders.
» Assess. Look at herbs on the market and decide how and when to dose, depending on the strength of herbs (Nutri Advanced, Cytoplan, New Roots Herbal, Viridian, Allergy Resarch Groups, Biotics etc).
» Learn. Consultation tips and naturopathic observations to help determine one herb over another.
» Synergise. Combine herbs and nutrition to create a synergistic ‘prescription’.
» Check. Learn which herbs are appropriate with key medications.
» Detox. Herbal detoxification of the 6 main elimination organs.
» Support. Provide support for each body system.