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Wild Oregano

15 ml

A food supplement consisting of the oil from wild oregano, obtained from the species Origanum minutiflorum and which contains one of the highest natural concentrations of carvacrol (91-95% carvacrol of the volatile oils). The plant grows at an altitude of over 1,500 metres in the wilderness of the Turkish mountain range and this location determines its content in carvacrol. It is hand-picked and its solvent free extraction allows for the purest and highest quality of oil to be obtained. It appears mixed with organically grown olive oil obtained from the first cold press.

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Ingredients: Olive oil (Olea europea), oregano oil (Origanum minutiflorum).
Nutritional information:

3 drops
(0,087 ml)

Olive oil0,072 ml
Oregano oil 0,015 ml
Origanum minutiflorum is a species which only grows at elevations above 1500 m in the wild in the Turkish mountain range, which determines its carvacrol content.
3 drops in a bit of water or juice (30 ml). Keep under your tongue for some minutes or gargle and swallow. With sufficient time intervals and by following the recommendation of a health-care professional administration can be repeated up to 8 times daily. For local application it is recommended to mix with a vegetable carrier oil.
Consult a health-care practitioner if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, if you are treated with medication or if you have a special medical condition.