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Because of BREXIT, orders for Great Britain can’t be fulfilled until all points of the agreement are defined. Orders to Northern Ireland and all countries from the European Union are being pocessed without delay!

For customers from Great Britain, our products are available at The Natural DispensaryAmrita Nutrition, Supplement Hub, Approved Vitamins and Your Health Basket


  • Plant Digestive Enzymes 375 mg 60c
    60 vegetable capsules

    Code: FE1310


    Plant Digestive Enzymes 375 mg 60c

    Plant Digestive Enzymes is a food supplement consisting of a wide range of 100% highly bioavailable and easy to absorb vegetable enzymes. Expressed in international units of enzymatic activity for a better evaluation of the activity.

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  • Phase 3A. Immune support

    Code: phase-3a


    Phase 3A. Immune support

    A food supplement consisting of a concentrate of natural nutrients which provides 50 highly valuable nutritional ingredients to help bring balance to the body and make it feel better. It is an advanced formulation consisting of Lucerne (or alfalfa) sprouts, barleygrass, wheatgrass, broccoli extract, organically cultivated algae, 11 strains of lactic acid bacterium, as well as standardised nutraceutics such as beetroot, apple pectin fibre and brown rice, bee pollen, organically grown acerola cherry, soy lecithin and ginkgo biloba amongst many other nutrients, in an enzymatic base to increase the absorption of the active ingredients and sweetened with stevia. Learn More
  • Pro-Recovery 120 Billion
    30 GPS enteric coated vegetable capsules

    Code: FE1965


    Pro-Recovery 120 Billion

    Pro-Recovery is our highest potency probiotic, with 120 billion CFU. It is characterised by 20 probiotic strains of which 13 are of human origin, 2 of plant origin and 5 of dairy origin. The enteric-coated GPSTM capsule offers optimal protection against acid secretions in the stomach.

    The indicated potency is guaranteed at expiry.

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