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  • R+ Alpha Lipoic Acid 150 mg
    60 vegetable capsules

    Code: FE1378


    R+ Alpha Lipoic Acid 150 mg

    R+ Alpha Lipoic Acid contains 150 mg of R(+)-alpha-Lipoic acid per capsule. Common alpha-lipoic acid supplements are a 50/50 mixture of the natural R‑lipoic acid and the synthetic S‑lipoic acid; these mixtures are called “racemic mixtures” or “racemates.” In some cases, S(–)‑lipoic acid is simply less effective than R(+)‑lipoic acid. But in other cases, the S form actually acts in opposition to the activity of R‑lipoic acid. Only the R(+) enantiomer exists in nature; it is an essential cofactor of four mitochondrial enzyme complexes, and the only form our bodies can synthesize.

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  • Chondroitin & Glucosamine
    60 vegetable capsules

    Code: FE0305


    Chondroitin & Glucosamine

    A synergetic combination of sodium free glucosamine sulphate and high purity chondroitin. A food supplement which provides a high content of glucosamine (500 mg) and chondroitin (400 mg) per capsule.

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  • Metal-Detox Protector
    90 vegetable capsules

    Code: FE0603


    Metal-Detox Protector

    A multiantioxidant formula that contain metabolic nutraceuticals for ultimate antioxidant protection.


    Health claims:

    Commission Regulation (EU) No 432/2012

    Vitamin C contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress, to the normal function of the immune system, to normal energy-yielding metabolism and to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

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